Do You Ever Think About the Places in the DC Universeas Tourist Destinations?

  • Do You Ever Think About the Places in the DC Universeas Tourist Destinations?

    Gotham City’s tourism board sure does have its work cut out for it.

    Oftentimes, we look to the big screen for a little vacation inspiration. With the following destinations, that’s not particularly the case, though they’re some of the most popular locales in the ever-evolving DC Comics’ universe, cinematic or otherwise. For this reason alone, I’d argue they’re notable enough to be explored on a destination-centric media site (like ours).

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  • Metropolis

    Reported Location: Delaware

    Also known as “The City of Tomorrow,” Metropolis is home to the one and only Superman. Per lore, it became quite a popular spot for publishing houses in the 18th and 19th centuries, one of the most notable being what would become The Daily Planet , employer of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Of its attractions—an Instagram Reel featuring the Man of Steel himself being the biggest get—is the Superman Museum, the Lena Luthor Science Explorarium, and the Lexor Hotel.

    Fun Fact: If you’re looking for a real-life “Superman Museum,” there’s one here, in Metropolis, Illinois.

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  • Gotham City

    Reported Location: New Jersey

    I think you know the drill. Gotham is home to the Dark Knight and billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. What is there to see and do in Gotham City? And is it safe? Well, if pop culture has taught us literally anything, the answer to the second question is Gotham City is never safe, but Batman will likely be there to save the day. As for the first question, there’s Amusement Mile, a palatial theme park complete with a giant Ferris wheel; the trendy Iceberg Lounge (owned by one Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a the Penguin); and Gotham Square, a hotspot not unlike Times Square in NYC.

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  • Star City

    Reported Location: Washington

    Initially founded in the 19th century as Starlight City, the name change came in 2013 as an effort to revitalize the city following a catastrophic earthquake. With a population of nearly 570,000, the metropolis is home to Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow—a powerful archer (and member of the Justice League) with an alias not unlike Bruce Wayne: extremely wealthy businessman. Landmarks for tourists include the Starling City Aquarium, a botanical garden (visited by Mr. Queen quite often), and the Bisque Museum, which appears to be some sort of establishment full of exhibits on creepy dolls.

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  • Smallville

    Reported Location: Kansas

    While Metropolis is Clark Kent’s home, it’s widely reported that Smallville is where he was “born,” a.k.a. raised by humble humans Martha and Jonathan Kent. What’s there to do here in this small town with a population of under 50,000? Well, Smallville’s been recognized as both the “Creamed Corn Capital of the World” and “the Meteor Capital of the World,” which checks out, considering how the planet’s most powerful man, and a few other extraterrestrials, made their way here. So, consider it an Area 51 of sorts and a worthy stop on your (superhero?) road trip to Star City.

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  • Coast City

    Reported Location: California

    Home of one of the most famous Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Coast City also contains an Air Force Base and boasts one of the biggest harbors on the West Coast. It’s had its ups and downs over the years—it enjoyed the spotlight in the late 1800s as a notable part of the gold rush, and it was also, at one point, massively damaged by supervillain Mongul—but its sunny location (just 45 minutes from San Francisco), successful reconstruction (courtesy of Wayne Enterprises!), and abundance of sports teams make it likely enjoyable for any city tourist who can’t get enough of skyscrapers.

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  • Atlantis

    Reported Location: the North Atlantic Ocean?

    Atlantis, the residence of Aquaman, isn’t for everybody. When I say that, I mean it literally , as it’s a continent located underwater—but hey, a #wanderlust chaser can dream. Words don’t do the fictional ancient kingdom justice (feast your eyes on 2018’s Aquaman), with its bright cities, pulsating flora, and magical fauna, all tucked away from the toxicities that come with being on land .

    Fun Fact: Head to the Bahamas (IRL) for a look at what’s known as the Bimini Road, a believed-to-be entryway into Atlantis. The site is especially popular among scuba divers.

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