Is It Safe to Eat Street Food During COVID-19?

From the sizzling hot dog stands on Manhattans street corners to the colorful night markets of Hong Kong and Taipei, street food vendors have become part of the fabric of cities around the world, providing snacks and meals for millions, regardless of social status or income.

Every “Survivor” Location, Ranked

The tribe has spoken and these locations have been voted off the island.

People are likely watching Survivor for the drama, the interconnected seasons, and lore. Or, if viewers are anything like us, the destinations. Tuning in isn’t always about who will get voted off the island or which contestant will be the first to turn on their alliance, it’s about seeing the places Jeff Probst and CBS take us. From Asia to Africa to South America, Survivor’s 40 seasons have taken us around the world and back again. Every location has its downfalls, and a few have their perks. We looked into all 21 Survivor locations to determine the very best–and the very worst–settings for wilderness living. This is every Survivor location, ranked.

Want to Be REALLY Safe at a Hotel? These 10 Properties Will Rent You an Entire Floor

Slumber party alert! Grab all your favorite people and take over a hotel floor.

It used to be that if you wanted privacy, you needed to fork over extreme amounts of cash for the penthouse. Not anymore! With hotel occupancies at historic lows, properties across the United States have cooked up a way for you to practice social distancing by booking the entire floor for your pod, bubble, family members, or quaran-team to lounge in style. The cost to do so is a lot less than what it would have cost pre-pandemic for a cluster of rooms. With room service, local take-out, and in-room entertainment, what are you waiting for? Pack some board games and go! Some packages even fold in goodies for your group, like wine and chocolates, a murder-mystery event, or fitness-center access. “One time we had nine couples and they loved it because all the men could hang out in one family room,” says Tim Burrow of Journey, the management company that oversees The 121 Hotel in Nashville. The concept is also popular with microweddings. From charming towns like Savannah, to “the most magical place on Earth” to big-city destinations, here are 10 options.

Across America in 10 Celebrity Sandwiches

A surprisingly delicious measure of celebrity fame.

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles or New York City, the odds of having visited a restaurant that honors their past celebrity customers with a framed photo on the wall are high. Small diners, delis, and dim sum restaurants will line their walls with autographed photos of the entertainers who have considered that spot their go-to…but some take it a step farther. A unique measurement of fame, the celebrity dish is nearly as hard to come by as an Oscar—they are something your favorite star might not admit to wanting but secretly craves every time they flash their smile at the deli. Whether a frequent feaster or a hometown-hero, these 10 celebrities made big enough impressions to warrant a meal with none-other than their name. From classic subs to the far from traditional, these are 10 celebrity sandwiches—from subs to burgers to hot dogs–to try as you explore the U.S.

How Soon Will Tourists Be Traveling to Space?

How about a post-COVID adventure into the cosmos?

With no concrete end in sight to this pandemic (thanks anti-maskers), we’re forced to think about what the future of travel may hold. And by the time we’re actually able to leave the country and explore our beautiful world, there may be an even wilder option for the adventure seekers out there—space travel. That’s right, in the next few years, multiple companies are gearing up to take you to space. You’ll be able to float in zero gravity, marvel at our beautiful blue ball from afar (flat earthers be damned), and see more stars than you could ever imagine. This isn’t a giant hoax (like the idea that masks don’t work), this is a real thing that you’ll really be able to do—that is, if you have the money. So, here’s to hoping that locking ourselves in our homes for a year or two will be rewarded with the ultimate travel adventure of leaving Earth behind.