Exploring Russia's Far East & Wrangel Island

12/12/2019 through 08/12/2021
12/12/2019 through 08/27/2021
Lindblad Expeditions

Exploring Russia's Far East & Wrangel Island

This fascinating exploration of the remote Siberian coastline promises rich culture and an astounding wealth of wildlife. Meet indigenous artists known for their intricate walrus ivory carvings, take in dramatic bird cliffs teeming with puffins and guillemots, then forge farther north, well above the Arctic Circle to Wrangel Island Reserve. Spend several days in this pristine landscape that’s home to the highest density of ancestral polar bear dens, the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus, and an astonishing variety of plant life. And before this expedition comes to an end witness one more site few get to see—an ancient, mysterious display of whale bones and skulls erected on Yttygran Island.


  • Observe majestic polar bears at Wrangel Island Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site dubbed the “polar bear nursery” for the high number of dens found here
  • See gray whales in their northern feeding grounds in the Chukchi and Bering Seas
  • Watch and photograph iconic wildlife such as Pacific walrus, polar bears, puffins and more
  • Visit the evocative site known as Whale Bone Alley on the northern tip of remote Yttygran Island
  • Experience meaningful cultural exchanges across the entire breadth of Beringia


Day 1 Anchorage/Nome/Embark
Day 2 Provideniya, Russian Federation
Day 3 Cape Dezhnev/Uelen Village
Day 4 Kolyuchin Island & Kolyuchin Bay
Day 5-8 Wrangel Island
Day 9-10 At Sea/Lorino Village
Day 11 Yttygran Island/Provideniya
Day 12 At Sea/Crossing the Bering Strait
Day 13 Nome/Disembark/Anchorage/Home

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