If you're visiting Montréal anytime between November and May be sure to bring some warm clothes, or be prepared to purchase some while you're here. Come winter Montréal gets cold—very cold—with temperatures almost always dipping below the freezing mark from December until late March. A good winter coat, scarf, hat (locally called a "tuque"), gloves, and warm winter boots are pretty much a necessity in Québec if you want to be comfortable going outside in the winter months. In summer, however, temperatures regularly rise above 86°F (30°C) and Downtown Montréal in particular can get very humid, so bring a few pairs of shorts, sandals, and warm weather clothes. While it seems unbelievable, tales abound here of hapless tourists arriving at the airport in June with their skis and snowshoes in tow, wondering where all the snow is. Also, while a large Anglophone community resides in Montréal and many of its immediate surroundings, the official language here is French, and all road signs are in this language, so having a good French/English dictionary with you is always helpful.


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